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Primordial Feminine Power

Women's Rewilding Training

April 2024 - Dates will be announced soon

During this powerful retreat you'll awaken the primordial feminine power that lives within you. The intention for this women’s retreat is to connect to the deepest core of your being – the source within you that is awaiting to be activated and lived to its fullest potential. 


You'll be opening the gateways of your heart and womb to unlock the pure creative essence that has been lying dormant within your being. Within the sacred container of pure love and sisterhood you’ll be reclaiming the fullness of who you are, and your life on Earth, absolutely free, natural, and wild, connected to the web of life, and living in Love.


- Awakening Primordial Feminine Power

- Uniting the gates of awareness: mind, heart and womb

- Meditations, healing breathwork & yoga

- Shadow work - liberating stagnant energy with its roots

- Deep psychology - Self-reflection & life's lessons

- Sacred rituals, ceremonies and initiations

- Deep spiritual nourishment

- Healing blockages around inability to experience orgasms

- Healing internal aspects that feel unsafe, unworthy, afraid, ugly, unlovable, and unnoticed. Healing deep emotional pain.

- Activation of energy centres

- Life celebration

- Activating fire as the driving force for living our dreams

- Reconnecting with your sexuality and sensuality

- Relationships: alignment & healing

- How to create the life you truly desire. Step by step guidance "from A (where you are right now) to B (your dreams)" 


This journey is the possibility for transformation in facing your shadows in the desert of Egypt.


You’ll be opening your gateways of mystical power, welcoming love and pleasure inside your being, connecting with the secret dreams of your souls, awakening the true feminine mystery and becoming the living expression of your deepest soul. This training is about your inner awakening and reconnection to your sexual (life force) energy as a woman.


It’s a journey of surrendering to love and trust, to your cosmic connection, your ancient memories and your soul purpose. On this path you embody your deepest passions and the power of the primordial feminine wisdom.


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Elena Fadeeva

Founder & facilitator


Elena is an international teacher and a group leader. She has been on the path of healing and self-empowerment since the beginning of her 20’s. 

Elena has done variety of trainings such as Yoga TTC, Zen Shiatsu, cranio-sacral therapy and energy healing work including topics such as relationship, inner child, soul retrieval, sexuality, womb healing, as well as shamanic healing work. Combination of different approaches in her transformational work allows people to address problems on physical, mental and emotional levels, heal its root cause and begin to live the lives they truly desire. 

For more information follow the link


Primordial Feminine Power 

Women's Rewilding Training

3.0 edition

Beginning: April 2024 
End: April 2024 (dates will be announced soon)

We offer 2 package options:


Shared room for 2 nights in Coral Coast Hotel:

2 nights at Coral Coast Hotel + 3 nights in the desert (6 days/5 nights)

Early bird 999€ (limited time)

Price 1333€


Single room for 2 nights in Coral Coast Hotel:

2 nights at Coral Coast Hotel + 3 nights in the desert (6 days/5 nights)


Early bird 1099 (limited time)

Price 1499€


*Please inquire if you like to upgrade your stay at Coral Coast Hotel to the Sea View Room.



What is included:

- Accommodation at Coral Coast Hotel and tent in the desert

- Breakfast, lunch & dinner in the desert

- Breakfast at Coral Coast Hotel

- Sleeping bags and pillows (desert)

- Adventure journey in the desert

- Transfer: hotel - desert - hotel

It is possible to book extra nights in the hotel and organize transportation from the airport (Sharm el Shekh) to Coral Coast Hotel and return at an additional price.




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Practical information & booking

Booking via website or email before 31.12.23

For bookings, questions and other inquires send us a message or an email to

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