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During trainings, you learn technics that support your own healing process. You receive information and tools for your own inner work which you can apply without the need of external support.

Retreats and workshops 

A group experience where all the participants join with similar intentions, be it healing, learning, liberation, self-discovery or self-mastery. When we do the healing work together, it becomes more powerful.
Here you learn to self-reflect, receive the support of the circle, join different group activities and so much more!


Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Power Yoga
Group yoga classes. We practice asanas, pranayama and meditation.
There are always different topics for the classes, but in all of them we focus on the connection of the breath and movement, as well as the meditative state of mind.

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Individual sessions



Healing self-enquiry work. I support people in the process of self-empowerment, guiding them to remove the blockages in their lives, connect deeper with their true nature to transform their lives.


Mentorship programs

Individual work with people for a period of time on a daily/weekly basis. I offer support to people who intent to transform their lives, heal unresolved issues, change unhealthy habits and behaviors and experience a new state of being. Guidance in creating a new way of living.


Private yoga classes

Breathwork, movement and meditation. Personalized yoga class for one’s needs. Creating your own daily practice.

For bookings you can contact me here.

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